Culture Statement Of Employers And How To Navigate Them

A rising trend has been surfacing since the early 2000s. You can't browse the website for many modern companies with seeing it. And if you're applying for a job, you're definitely going to have it shoved in your face. I'm talking about the pervasive company culture statement. The intention of a culture statement is to

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What Is ATS Tracking And What Does It Do?

ATS tracking is the saving grace for anyone involved in recruiting. Imagine being an employer and publishing one or many job openings. There is no shortage of folks looking for work in the market. And it shows as soon as you list your available positions. You soon become inundated by a pile of resumes, cover

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Working From Home And What COVID Taught Us

Interest in working from home has been on the rise among marketers in recent years. A quick search across social media and other networks yields a litany of questions on the topic. And many of those questions seem to stem from frustration with inflexible employers. I've seen countless tales of folks being denied the chance

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