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From: Braxton Wood
Rexburg, Idaho

My name is Braxton. After a monumental move in my work, I realized that I uncovered something HUGE and began to lead a charge that is upending the job market.

Looking across the workforce, you may have noticed some of your fellow job seekers landing positions doing awesome work for a salary that knocks your socks off.

​I’m here to tell you – what those few have done was neither accident nor dumb luck.

Interestingly enough, regardless of education, these ambitious people are rising above the competition and changing the direction their lives are taking… FOREVER.

So… how are they doing it?

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Through an experiment that lasted 10 years, I’ve done rigorous work to identify exactly what employers are looking for and how to communicate your value to them. The end result is a repeatable, step-by-step approach to positioning yourself as a prime job candidate.

When I put this approach into practice, I went from a $53,000 salary, to making 6 figures.

This knowledge was something I just had to share. I was about to create an extensive resource that would bottle up all of this information for any job hunter to benefit from…

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​In 2021, ​a newly published book made its way into the market. A book about growing your career in the modern world. The crazy part is that it outlines the same exact process that I took to advance my own career! I couldn’t believe it!


Introducing Crush Your Career, by Dee Ann Turner

With more than 30 years experience at Chic-Fil-A, Dee Ann became their first female officer and was responsible for maintaining the strong talent acquisition practices the company is known for.

See where I’m going here?

If there was one person that is most qualified to create a forward-thinking guide on finding the best job possible…

Dee Ann Turner would be that person.

Crush Your Career:

Ace The Interview, Land The Job, And Launch Your Future

If you feel stuck in your job, need to escape from your boss, or are just ready to move up in the world, Dee Ann Turner’s new book will enlighten your job search and give you a renewed outlook on your livelihood.

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​I will rush a FREE copy of this new hardcover book to your doorstep, ASAP!​

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  • SECRET 1: Preparing Your Character
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  • SECRET 3: Searching For The Right Job