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That sucks.

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Marketing Career Path fix with resume mistakes quiz

The Marketing Career Path, Redefined

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The marketing job landscape has seen quite a shift in the last 10 years. Because of that, job hunters are getting frustrated with their lack of success in getting interviews.

It’s because it is no longer enough for you to simply innovate in your craft.

You have to be innovative in the very job hunt itself!

Marketing Career Jumpstart is not like your grandma’s career development. My process goes against the grain to show you how to ignite your job search and permanently change the trajectory of your career.

The Difference In The NEW Marketing Career Path

MCJ’s approach is fine-tuned from years and years in the marketing industry. My programs are exclusive to helping marketers take the fast track to a lucrative and fulfilling marketing career, no matter your specialty or education level.

I do this by showing you all the misconceptions in the job market, and how you beat them with best practices that get you RESULTS.

I know it works.

I did it myself for over 12 years. And now, my clients are doing it too.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to limiting beliefs – you truly can get more interviews and make a better salary much faster than you think.

Other marketers have successfully replicated the process. You can too.

Want to see how?

Go to my free quiz and take the first step to more interviews, more opportunities, and a renewed career in marketing.


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I’M FREAKING OUT! IT’S LIKE I HIT THE LOTTERY! I’ve been doing this for 3 months and have gotten nowhere. Now I have multiple interviews! Braxton may have just saved my family.

Steph Borel
Nathan-Beavor-head-shot for marketing career path

Braxton’s expertise is beyond measure. His career and resume coaching helped me tremendously when I was making my career change from the military to the private sector. If you work with him you will not regret it!

Nathan Beavor
Michael-Davidson-head-shot for marketing career path
After talking with Braxton, I applied to 25 roles, interviewed for 7, and landed a new position with a new company. All within just two weeks. This was the shortest amount of time I’ve ever been on the job market.
Michael Davidson
Sydney-McCleve-head-shot for marketing career path

Both my husband and I met with Braxton. His insights were extremely useful and he gave us great resources we had never heard of! I definitely recommend him for any career mentoring.

Sydney McCleve
Matt-Blakely-head-shot for marketing career path

Braxton’s advice brought a new perspective on how to effectively use my resume to get through the screening process. Now my resume is actually being viewed by more employers!

Matt Blakely


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Coach Foundation Top Career Coach Award

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