Resume writing. We all do it, but rarely is it something we enjoy. How exactly can you write a better resume?

The truth is that for most, resume writing is a challenge. And it’s hard to know how to improve your resume in a way that positions you as the best applicant for the job. I think that’s why most people say they hate writing them.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Over the years, I’ve helped countless people improve their resumes in ways that increase the number of interviews they have and job offers they receive. As such, I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how to write a better resume. I’d like to share just a few examples with you. 

Here are 3 simple ways you can write a better resume.

1. Choose Substance Over Style To Write A Better Resume

This is a common mistake I see a lot of people make, and I understand why. After all, who doesn’t like a good-looking resume?

Well… do you want the truth? Most employers really couldn’t care less about how your resume looks. Rather, they’re much more interested in the information the resume contains, ie: the work you can do and the results you can bring to their business. So you really shouldn’t concern yourself too much with the appearance of your resume.

There are several benefits to focusing less on design, like having more space to share your professional skills and measurable results, which I always recommend if you want to write a better resume. You’ll also save time, since you’ll be spending less of it making things look good. 

These things can not only optimize your resume, leading to more interviews, they can also make writing resumes less of a hassle and more enjoyable.

2. Forget About A Skills Section

A lot of people think that you need a skills section in a resume, but that’s not really the case. There’s actually a better place to highlight your skills, and that’s in your work experience. Here’s why.

Have you ever heard the saying that showing is better than telling? Well, the same principle applies in resume writing. By including skills in your work experience section, you not only tell employers what skills you have, but how you can use them to bring measurable results for their business.

hand holding a lightbulb as an idea to write a better resume

Highlighting your skills in your work experience instead of in a designated skills section can help you stand out as a job applicant and increase your chances of getting an interview. It also frees up a lot of space on your resume—space you can use to provide more examples of how your skills will benefit your employer.

So next time you’re writing a resume, consider cutting your skills section. It will help you land your next big job!

3. Focus On Measurable Results To Write A Better Resume

You may have noticed while reading that I’ve mentioned measurable results a few times. That’s because it’s one of the easiest things you can do to quickly improve the quality of your resume. Why? The answer is simple: it builds credibility and sets you apart from other applicants. 

In today’s world, it’s not enough to simply say you’re good at your job. You need to prove it. And providing examples in your resume with hard numbers is a great way to do just that. In fact, many employers look for it, especially when the example includes revenue numbers—or the amount of money your work made the company.

One concern I hear a lot from individuals I work with is they don’t remember or have access to data from their previous jobs. In those cases, do the best you can to prove the impact of your work and make the goal to keep track of key accomplishments and results at your next position.

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